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We have written hundred of Bluehost review articles which including feature overview and hardware software information. From time-to-time we have conducted server speed check and uptime tracking. We are evaluating their customer service quality. All these are unbiased Bluehost reviews are fully based on our true experience. We also accept customer reviews and feedback from users around the world. Submit your review today and get rewarded. And before you signup, please check on our Bluehost coupons collection and it will give you some discount price for sure.

Introduction to Bluehost

Bluehost Homepage

Bluehost is founded in year 2003 and until now have powered over two million websites. We signup with this unlimited hosting plan back in year 2007/2008 and continue using it until now. Back in the days, only has one shared hosting plan and nothing else. Right now, they are rapidly expanding their product range and offer more options including:

  1. Bluehost shared hosting from $3.95/mo. It is an unlimited domain hosting plan and includes cPanel with Simplescripts. This plan is with unlimited disc space and unlimited bandwidth. It is recommended for majority webmasters.
  2. Bluehost WordPress hosting from $12.49/mo. It is optimized for WordPress blog and performs the best for blogging site. Your high traffic WordPress site can perform the best in here.
  3. Bluehost reseller hosting from $19.95/mo. Currently there are 3 configurations available. It allows user to create own brand name and make 100% profit.
  4. Bluehost VPS hosting from $29.99/mo. There are 4 VPS configuration available. This virtual private server uses cloud technology and provides better flexibility and performance.
  5. Bluehost dedicated server from $149.99/mo. There are 3 server configurations available. First month offer price is 50% off and user can get a half price trial access to these servers.

Is Bluehost recommended for hosting open-source CMS websites? Now they have more than just shared hosting. They have specific WordPress optimised hosting for your WordPress blog. And they have much improved VPS plan and dedicated server for large website. For this unlimited domain hosting, we have the choice to setup any open-source CMS application at no extra cost. For our Bluehost review, we have setup a few popular CMS application here and provide a real life demo site. For blog, we have WordPress and for CMS we have Drupal and Joomla.

Bluehost unlimited domain hosting plan is all you need. When choosing your first web hosting plan and try to put up your first website online can be really confusing. However, there is one web hosting company that keep enhancing their products and introducing even better start-up program for webmaster. They are making thing simple and not by making it even more complicated. Some web host offers you 5 to 10 products to choose from, for beginners this are a tough choice. At here, they only recommend 1 shared hosting plan. And this single package is all you ever need to start creating first website, publish it online, doing marketing campaign, add more websites etc. Everything can be done in here, and this is what their unlimited hosting plan all about. Here are the things you need to know:

  1. This Bluehost hosting plan starts from $3.95 per month only.
  2. It allows unlimited domains, disk storage and bandwidth usage.
  3. It comes with free cPanel control panel.
  4. Create website quickly with Simplescripts 1-click installer and website builder tools.
  5. One free domain name.
  6. $200 in free marketing credits and coupons.

All you are paying is monthly hosting fees and it allows you to host multiple websites at no extra cost. We have few websites in one account, and we get to use their 1-click installer tool to setup site via open-source scripts or we can choose to use website building tool to create site from bottom up. When the new site is ready, we can use the free advertising coupon to start buying ads placement and bring in real customer to the new website. This is a complete solution from beginning to the end. If you are really required some tutorial or education to get started, we are recommend their latest quick start program. By attending their online tutorial, you can learn all the basic about website, domains, hosting and creating website etc. Get this quick start program at discount price at our Bluehost coupon page.

The Pro package has about 80% less web accounts per server, which allows the users to utilize more resources per account. It offers more speed, less users and more power. You can get more memory, CPU and other for r $24.99 / month .

  • Shared web hosting addons
  • Additional domain names at $14.99/year of registration.
  • SpamExperts mail filtering at $2.50/month/domain name
  • SSL certificates price at $49.00/year
  • SiteLock security at $19.99/domain/year
  • Domain privacy at $10.99/domain/year
  • Dedicated IP address at $3.33/ month
  • Site backup and restore pro service at $19.99/year
  • Expired account reactivation at $30.00
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Bluehost coupon and 50% discount (use this secret link)

This Halloween 2014, get ready to signup Bluehost shared hosting plan in this weekend and locked in their lowest price of $3.49/month. This holiday sales beat the previous offer price $3.95/month, and this is over 42% in real instant discount. Choose the basic plan (single domain hosting) and signup this Halloween to entitle for this Bluehost promotion. This is introductory offer and it is limited to first time customer only. The most popular unlimited hosting plan is available at $5.95 per month.

Halloween sales 2014

What is the best Bluehost coupon code for 2014?

We are really excited to see this Bluehost coupon price $3.95/mo has returned for the first time in this year. We have been waiting for this for almost a year and never seen it appear in any sales. This September, we have spotted this unbeatable discount price for their unlimited domain hosting plan. Anyone who choose to activate and signup with our Bluehost coupon link will be entitle for this ‘secret’ discount price. Click on image below to activate this.

Bluehost coupon $3.95 for 2014

Bluehost 4th July 2014 web hosting sales. This year independent day celebration, they are going to have 3 days sales. The promotion price is going to be $3.95 per month and we already received an email notification on that. Following is the special savings ads and anyone signup will be entitled for $3.95/mo special promotional pricing. This will end by 7th July 2014, please don’t miss this offer. No Bluehost coupon codes to remember, choose to signup by this date to entitle. This $3.95 web hosting plan is now including:

  1. Unlimited domains and websites hosting.
  2. Unlimited storage and bandwidth.
  3. Unlimited email accounts.
  4. Free domain name.
  5. $200 in free marketing ads credit.

Bluehost 4th July Sales

We managed to snap this screen and it shows the special weekend sale. For this duration, the popular unlimited plan is available for $3.95/month only and this is cheaper compare to the regular $4.95/month pricing. We have checked the other products including WordPress plan, VPS and reseller plans; there are no discount found in these products.

Happy 4th of July


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VPS hosting reviews 2014

Virtual Private Server (VPS) becomes very popular among many people these days. This service is recommended for people who want to have a successful online business. There are some VPS providers that are available today. Therefore, you need to compare some available providers for choosing your favorite one easily. When you want to find the best VPS service, you can consider Bluehost. It is one of the most popular VPS providers on the market. In this Bluehost VPS hosting review, you will learn about some benefits that are provided by this company. Many people are interested with this company because of these benefits.

All 4 Bluehost VPS hosting plans

Why choose Bluehost VPS hosting services?

1. Flexible options

This is the main feature that is offered by Bluehost. There are some options that are available in this VPS hosting service, including standard, enhanced, premium, and also ultimate. Different hosting packages have their own features and benefits for all customers. There are some factors that can differentiate those options, including speed, storage space, RAM, bandwidth, domain, and also IP addresses. When you are interested with VPS hosting, you can visit its official site to learn more about those options. You can select the best hosting option based on your needs and budget.


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Bluehost shared hosting review 2014

Bluehost is a company that hosts websites and web services for businesses all around the world. The company makes use of open source technology as well as cloud service technology as well. Located in Utah, USA, the company allows your business to enjoy advanced online features and services from anywhere in the world. One of the services that Bluehost has is shared hosting.

What are the advantages of shared hosting with Bluehost?

Generally, there are two types of website hosting. These are dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Shared hosting is where many websites are hosted on the same server. On the other hand, dedicated hosting is where each website is hosted on its own server. There are many advantages of hosting your website with Bluehost. One of these is that hosting with Bluehost is very affordable. Moreover, at Bluehost, you can enjoy a host of unique features and reliability. Also, with Bluehost, there are three different hosting plans that you can choose from. These are known as the starter, plus and business pro plans. Users of these plans say that they are efficient and professional. This is further indicated by the companies that Bluehost associates with. Examples of these firms are goMobi, Weebly and Mojo Marketplace. Each of these associates testifies that working with Bluehost is a great experience.


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WordPress blog hosting review

Touted as one of the most influential and successful web hosting services in the industry, Bluehost is best known for its fast and reliable services. The company also boasts top-notch customer support, making it the most accessible of all. Bluehost is currently serving for over 3 million webmasters, and most of them are small businesses and individual bloggers.

1) But how well it supports WordPress? In below, Bluehost wordpress hosting review, we will have an in-depth analysis on Bluehost WordPress services and explain why it is one of the best in the industry.

Bluehost wordpress plan $12.49

2) Why BlueHost for WordPress?

In 2005, BlueHost was officially recommended by WordPress. They includes WordPress hosting for people, bloggers, and companies. The WordPress hosting experience delivered by the company is made a lot easier via cPanel. Their cPanel has become quite common among various web hosting companies today. Moreover, BlueHost also features SimpleScripts to provide 1-click installation of numerous net applications including WordPress.


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Top 10 online cloud storage

In today’s modern world, so many computing gadgets have been inverted. Name it the laptops, iPads, smart phones, and tablets just to mention a few. These devices store some of our most treasured things like music, pictures not forgetting documents. It can be really devastating if such gadgets get to crush down with such information. Thanks to cloud storage though, one does not have to worry anymore if such a thing happens. Choosing the right cloud storage service though can be a challenge, but not with the reviews and rating.


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5 best wordpress contact form plugins

It is normally best to create a personal contact form with the help of WordPress plugin even when most WordPress templates come with inbuilt contact forms or they can be easily tweaked so as to include them as widgets. This is because you have the power to come up with a great contact forms that suits your needs something that helps to give your site a professional appearance. This is also important as it also simplifies the way you manage online communication.


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Top 5 PHP online forum scripts

Forum is a great way to make your website interactive. It lets users interact with each other freely. Following are top 5 PHP online forum scripts that you can use for your website.

1. phpBB
It is the oldest and most widely used forum software. In fact, when most people think of forums then they have the features and look of phpBB in mind. It is held as a standard for forum on Internet. It comes with a wide range of features related to message, search, registration, moderator control, administration control, user management, warnings and reports. Even though it is a free software there are enough community software developers who keep contributing to its development. The customization helps it stay on top of PHP forum scripts. A good quality forum for a site can be created within minutes. It offers high efficiency, great features and ease of use. The best part is that it is completely free and there are lots of support groups that continue to provide all types of supports. It works well with all types of operating software programs popular with present range of smartphones.


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Change page URL with 301 or 302 redirects

Locations on the internet are known as websites. These are pages full of information that one can search for and find. These pages have names that function as their addresses. These names are known as Universal Resource Locators (URLs). Sometimes, the owner of a website may want visitors to his site to be redirected to a new one or to another site. To make this possible, they use a tool known as a redirect. There are many types of redirects. Examples of these are the 301, 302, 307, HTTP header and HTML redirects.

1. 301 redirects.
This is a type of redirect that indicates a permanent move of the website to another address. This is a link that is programmed into the address of the new website. Thus, even if a visitor types in the address of the old website, they will be taken to the new website. This type of redirect has a permanent effect on the website addresses that it is programmed into. This type of redirect is also known as a change of address form.

2. 302 redirects.
A 302 redirect is a code tool that redirects a visitor from the address of one site and takes them to a temporary relocation of the same site. A 302 redirect is used when you want to temporarily move the visitors to a site to a different one. It can later be removed later so as to allow the visitors to see the original site without redirection. This type of redirect is often referred to as a 302 found redirect. In earlier versions of browsers making use of the HTTP 1.0 protocol, the 302 redirect was used to perform temporary page redirects. However, for HTTP 1.1 protocols and later, the 303 ans 307 redirects are applied.


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Basic guide to premium wordpress theme

What is premium wordpress theme? Premium wordpress theme features beautiful designs, customization alternatives, and support from the theme designers. It can be considered as the best way to take benefit of the wordpress platform. It empowers you with robust content management system. In layman’s concept a premium wordpress theme is a theme for which you need pay.

Let’s start comparing premium wordpress theme vs free wordpress theme.

1. Footer credit link.
You can’t change footer credit link with free wordpress theme. For this you need to have premium wordpress theme. In a premium theme you get edit footer credit which is available in footer option.

2. You save a lot of money in design.
Wordpress is an open source web designing platform. Free themes are only a way of developing a website. You need to add a lot of modules to that for which you have to spend a lot of money. If you are getting a premium wordpress theme, you just need to spend money on purchasing the theme. Every requisite feature comes with the premium theme.


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Migrating from shared hosting to VPS

The main essence of a website’s reliability is the web hosting plan. A website will need a reliable web hosting plan in order to run in the expected rate by the users. There are various hosting plans available, and each plan has its special attributes. Many are used to the dedicated or shared hosting, nevertheless, a VPS upgrade will ensure you have a swift website that runs at the expected rate and is affordable.

VPS is a hosting plan that borrows a shared and dedicated server features. It is basically both a dedicated and a shared hosting plan. It is suitable for a website that has high traffic and one that needs a modified server. It is also different from dedicated and shared software because it is cheaper, but still offers faster page loads. more

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Buying a cPanel web hosting plan

Bluehost cPanel hostingThe expansion and growth of the internet has opened a new world of possibilities. Nowadays anyone, especially business owners, without an online presence is missing out on a lot. In the advent of the internet for you to have a website it would mean building and maintaining your own servers. Fortunately, this is not the case today. Having a website is a simple as signing up with any web hosting company. The web hosting company will take care of the complex technical stuff while you concentrate on running your business.

There are several web hosting platforms, however, cPanel has to be the most popular. Most web hosting companies prefer cPanel because it is well developed and supported. cPanel is structured in a way that it is easy for the web hosting company to maintain the server. In addition, the simple and straightforward cPanel interface makes it simple for website owners to monitor and manage their hosting accounts.


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Reseller web hosting: yes or no?

Bluehost reseller hosting plan.Is Bluehost reseller plan recommended?

They are introducing the new reseller plan since year 2012. Their shared users that find them self with insufficient server resources can either upgrade to higher VPS plan or reseller plan that offer more capacity and performance. This Bluehost VPS plan start from $30 per month and it doesn’t allow reselling. If that is the feature you need, their reseller plan will be more appropriate.

Particularly for this Bluehost reseller plan, user can resell the remaining storage and bandwidth and earn some money from there. For example you can reserve 50% of the resources for own websites and resell the remaining 50% for extra income. Find your clients and charge them every month, earn some money from renting the remaining storage space. That is a good way to make money too. Some professional reseller will get multiple packages and create a huge network of users and make some good income every month.

How to choose the right Bluehost reseller plan?

This Bluehost reseller web hosting is available in three packages, and they are come with 100, 250 and 500 gigabytes storage space respectively. The most basic reseller plan is with 100 gigabytes and 15 Mbps data transfer speed. All three plans are with unlimited cPanel accounts, MySQL database, email accounts, and one free domain name. And lastly, there is free WHM administrator control panel and billing system included here.

For most beginner that start venture into web hosting reselling business, the basic Sky Blue plan should be recommended. In here you can gain access to 100 GB real storage space and allowed to create unlimited user accounts in which each one will have its own cPanel control panel. If you are creating multiple small hosting package each with 1 GB storage space and sell it for a few dollars. This mean you can create up to 100 user accounts and this mean you can make a few hundred dollars from this plan alone. Imagine when you are having more customers over time and you can choose upgrade to higher reseller hosting plans available.

Bluehost reseller hosting 2014

Is Bluehost reseller web hosting that good?

In previous review article, we look into its features and packages available. View the first Bluehost reseller review here. Next, we want you to see the bigger picture and understand the hidden benefits and disadvantages of owning your own reseller plan.

Technology has become vital in today’s world. Internet has become a must; computers a necessity. With the convenience that it provides to consumers, it has also provided businessmen an entirely new way to earn money without the need of personal contact with their customers. With just a few advertisements, either through social networking sites or pay-per-click, they can have customers lining up to try their product or service.

Aside from setting up online shops like Amazon and Ebay, web hosting has become one of the rising businesses supported by the internet. Web hosting is a hosting service that enables different individuals or organizations to have their own website accessible and available in the web. This is owned by a web host who invests on the hardware and employs different people to handle its data center. Web hosts are the providers of space on a server that are either owned or leased. They either sell out these spaces to resellers or rent it out to different clients. Putting up a web hosting company is like putting up a big corporation – it is not easy, it takes a lot money, effort and knowledge of the industry and the technicalities of the business aspects.

One of the perks that web hosting offers to earn money in a comparably more simple way than web hosting itself is reseller hosting. In reseller hosting, you buy space in wholesale basis and sell it out or rent it to prospective customers. Moreover, there is no need to be an expert in the technical aspect of web hosting, since the troubleshooting is done by the data center experts of your web host. These are the fundamental reasons why most entrepreneurs who are aspiring to create their own names and put up their own businesses opt for reseller hosting rather than web hosting. Aside from the small capital to be able to become a reseller, it is simpler to understand, especially from someone who does not have enough knowledge and idea about computers, internet, and the corresponding technicalities that come with information technology.

What is reseller hosting pros and cons? As in any type and kind of business, reseller hosting also has its pros and cons. One of its advantages is that it can offer unlimited space to its potential clients. This sounds very appealing to customers. However, bear in mind that the term unlimited does not really speak for itself. The word unlimited is used because a client cannot usually consume all the disk space sold to him or her. They can only use up to ten percent of the web space provided by resellers. This is one way of marketing the service to potential customers.

Another is that there is only minimal cost to be invested. No need to invest on different hardware and software. Plus, the revenues to be gained are steady and highly exceed your invested capital.

Also, there is no need for maintenance costs since it is shouldered by your service provider. In case of accidents, you need not pay a single penny.

You can also put your own logo and brand name. Thus, you do not operate under your service provider’s name and can really put up your own name and trademark in the industry.

Your only focus is on gaining more customers and giving them customer support. The technical part would be handled and managed by your service provider.

You can design the user interface of your control panel to your own satisfaction. You do not need to follow a certain type of design employed by your provider. You can use your own imagination and make it appear more user-friendly than your competitors.

You can also earn more by selling web space to another reseller. That way, you can earn commission from your reseller. In other words, you can seemingly become a web host without owning a hosting company.

You gain knowledge and expertise along the way, which could help you in understanding the industry you are operating in. And in the long run, it could also be of importance when you want to finally start your own hosting business.

At your own discretion, you can change your web host without your clients knowing. This is beneficial if your provider has been incurring a lot of troubles lately and your customer satisfaction is at stake.

There are also disadvantages that an aspiring reseller should be wary of. One of them is changing your web host without your clients’ knowledge. This can be a disadvantage because you need to move the whole data. And even though your clients may not be aware of this, it would still cause them troubles and that would mean hearing a lot of complaints on your part.

In addition, as a reseller, you are only offering limited service. There may be some aspects that you cannot provide your customers unless you are a real hosting company. Moreover, if anything goes wrong in your provider’s services, you have to suffer too. This may lead to customer dissatisfaction and ultimately client loss.

Reseller hosting is definitely a new way to ace to the top. But be sure to weigh the advantages and disadvantages carefully so that you can tread with the flow and competition successfully.

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A better website speed, uptime and ranking

Internet has been one of the most reliable sources of information; entrepreneurs from all across the globe have ventured into creating high quality websites to market and sell their products and services to the ever increasing online community. However, to get high traffic from search engines such as Google, websites need to have a high ranking.

Processor and memoryGoogle love fast and responsive website. Some of the factors that Google looks at when ranking a website is its uptime and speed. Basically, uptime refers to the amount of time that a server has been up and running. This is one of the parameters used to gauge the effective and reliability of a web hosting provider. To ensure that your website is always functional, you need to seek the services of a web hosting company that has a high uptime rating.

On the other hand, web speed is the time taken by a website to load or open all its pages and features. Recent studies shows that internet users are more attracted to websites that have a high load speed as they help save time, one of the most limited resources in the world. More importantly, websites that have a high page speed are more likely to get high ranking on Google as compared to their counterparts.


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