Bluehost Hosting Reviews and Editor Verdicts

We have written hundred of Bluehost review articles which including feature overview and hardware software information. From time-to-time we have conducted server speed check and uptime tracking. We are evaluating their customer service quality. All these are unbiased Bluehost reviews are fully based on our true experience. We also accept customer reviews and feedback from users around the world. Submit your review today and get rewarded. And before you signup, please check on our Bluehost coupons collection and it will give you some discount price for sure.

Bluehost HomepageBluehost is founded in year 2003 and until now have powered over two million websites. We signup with this unlimited hosting plan back in year 2007/2008 and continue using it until now. Back in the days, only has one shared hosting plan and nothing else. Right now, they are rapidly expanding their product range and offer more options including:

  1. Shared hosting from $4.95/mo. It is an unlimited domain hosting plan and includes cPanel with Simplescripts. This plan is with unlimited disc space and unlimited bandwidth. It is recommended for majority webmasters.
  2. WordPress hosting from $34.99/mo. It is optimized for WordPress blog and performs the best for blogging site. Your high traffic WordPress site can perform the best in here.
  3. Reseller hosting from $19.95/mo. Currently there are 3 configurations available. It allows user to create own brand name and make 100% profit.
  4. VPS hosting from $29.99/mo. There are 4 VPS configuration available. This virtual private server uses cloud technology and provides better flexibility and performance.
  5. Dedicated server from $149.99/mo. There are 3 server configurations available. First month offer price is 50% off and user can get a half price trial access to these servers.

Is Bluehost recommended for hosting open-source CMS websites? Now they have more than just shared hosting. They have specific WordPress optimised hosting for your WordPress blog. And they have much improved VPS plan and dedicated server for large website. For this unlimited domain hosting, we have the choice to setup any open-source CMS application at no extra cost. For our Bluehost review, we have setup a few popular CMS application here and provide a real life demo site. For blog, we have WordPress and for CMS we have Drupal and Joomla.

Bluehost unlimited domain hosting plan is all you need. When choosing your first web hosting plan and try to put up your first website online can be really confusing. However, there is one web hosting company that keep enhancing their products and introducing even better start-up program for webmaster. They are making thing simple and not by making it even more complicated. Some web host offers you 5 to 10 products to choose from, for beginners this are a tough choice. At here, they only recommend 1 shared hosting plan. And this single package is all you ever need to start creating first website, publish it online, doing marketing campaign, add more websites etc. Everything can be done in here, and this is what their unlimited hosting plan all about. Here are the things you need to know:

  1. This plan starts from $4.95 per month only.
  2. It allows unlimited domains, disk storage and bandwidth usage.
  3. It comes with free cPanel control panel.
  4. Create website quickly with Simplescripts 1-click installer and website builder tools.
  5. One free domain name.
  6. $200 in free marketing credits and coupons.

All you are paying is monthly hosting fees and it allows you to host multiple websites at no extra cost. We have few websites in one account, and we get to use their 1-click installer tool to setup site via open-source scripts or we can choose to use website building tool to create site from bottom up. When the new site is ready, we can use the free advertising coupon to start buying ads placement and bring in real customer to the new website. This is a complete solution from beginning to the end. If you are really required some tutorial or education to get started, we are recommend their latest quick start program. By attending their online tutorial, you can learn all the basic about website, domains, hosting and creating website etc. Get this quick start program at discount price at our Bluehost coupon page.

6 thoughts on “Bluehost Hosting Reviews and Editor Verdicts

  1. Google Adwords coupon is valid for US and Canada user only. Other web hosting company are having to the same rule too.

  2. Definitely yes, they are one of the best cPanel hosting company. Great uptime and reliable server. For proof, view our Bluehost uptime report above.

  3. not only that, they are now with search engine optimization tools including Get in Google, Google score card, Google maps listing, and link building. Get all these for free in your new web hosting account.

  4. here is another good reason to choose their web hosting. They are now with SiteLock security feature, offering at special promo price $9.95 per year, great deal and don’t missed out.

  5. They are no longer offering free domain privacy feature, and so we get it removed from the list. The new feature includes anytime money guarantee is added to the list, its an important reason for choosing a web host over the other.

  6. $3.50 for second hosting account promotion has ended. This mean their hosting price return to $4.95 and $5.95 per month.

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